How to get past writer’s block today

How to get past writer's block

The blank page is staring at me.  The cursor is mocking me.  I had tons of ideas that I wanted to share with you.  But now, they are all gone.  My brain is wiped.  Writer’s block – ugh!

Did you ever experience writer’s block?  Here are a couple of great ideas that will get you through writer’s block, so you can start writing and sharing your ideas and your knowledge:

  1. Start writing on a good old paper notebook. For some reason, words aren’t that hard to put down on paper than they are on the screen.  Maybe it is because I don’t see the spell check underline words.  That brings me to the second point:
  2. Turn off the spell check when you are writing. I can’t ignore the wiggly line and I will go back and edit.  Inevitably, I will lose my train of thought.  So, the solution is to turn off all the spell and grammar checkers.  I will turn them back on once I am done and run all the checks.  I do want my words to be spelled right.
  3. I have the app already since a while on my phone and I have used it when we moved to keep track on items.  Now, I started to use it to capture my blog ideas when I have no paper around.  The best thing is that I can access it on my phone, my iPad and my computer.  Did you know you can store voice notes in Evernote as well?  So, if I am in a hurry, I can just dictate the outline of my blog idea and get back to it later.
  4. Yes, I started to schedule a day to write a blog post.  There is no other way.  If it is not in my calendar, it won’t be done.  Now, “write a blog post” is a reoccurring item in my calendar.
  5. Be realistic. I won’t have the time to write a blog post 3 times a week. That is a fact. But, I can write a blog post once a month.
  6. Do all of your blog posts have to be written? The short answer is no.  I like to do YouTube videos, so a certain amount of my blog posts will be with videos.  What do you like to do?  Maybe a podcast?  Or add a nice quote and put a couple of inspiring lines under the quote. The sky is the limit.  The point is that not all blog posts have to be written.

Now, to get you started, your first action item is to decide how often you can realistically write a blog post a month.  Once you have that number, go to your calendar of choice and choose the best day/days to write.  Schedule them.  Once that is done, you can decide which way you can capture all those great blog ideas that occur on the most unlikely times best.  Now, have fun and share!

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