What’s New In Social Media This Week?

Every Friday, we list the most popular or helpful articles and links we have seen and shared during the week on our social networks. This week, articles include what Twitter really is looking at for metrics, the new Twitter notifications, a guide about SEO and much more…


1) Twitter’s Dream Metric Is Not Followers – It’s How Many People Saw Your Tweet, Says Cofounder and former CEO Evan Williams


2) Twitter Thinks It May Know Your Friends


3) How to turn of Twitter notifications about people you may know (video)


4) Why being an evolved entrepreneur means you have to quit things


5) How to Use Facebook Targeted Posts to Improve Your Facebook Engagement


6) Great post that gives you the run down on SEO: The Marketing Tactic that Social Media Marketers Often Forget

7) Confused by Facebook Ads? This Guide Can Help.


8) Facebook sees 3.2 billion likes and comments each day [INFOGRAPHIC]


9) Operation Unlike Is A Go: Page Fan Counts Are Dropping Because Facebook Is Deleting Fake Accounts 

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