5 Tips For Your Best Social Media Profile!

5 tips to make the best out of your social media profile1

One very important factor in social media is your social media profile.  With your profile you will attract attention and it gives people their first impression about you.  Does yours look professional?  Does it use keywords, so your target audience would find you?

Here are 5 tips to make the best out of your social media profile:

Optimize your bio with keywords!1. Optimize your bio.  Make sure you add keywords that your target audience would look for.  Also, ensure that it is readable and makes sense.  The bio should authentically represent you.

Socialmediatip 32. Ensure that all your profile images are the right sizes. Here are the bigger social networks and their sizes:

Facebook 180 x 180 px

Twitter 400 x 400 px

LinkedIn 400 x 400 px

Google+ 250 x 250 px

Pinterest 165 x 165 px

Instagram 110 x 110 px

YouTube 800 x 800 px

Use a professional picture3. Use a professional picture for your profile image.  You want people to do business with you, so you should look professional. 

Social Media Tip- fill out your entire profile4.Fill out your entire profile. In most social media profiles, the search function covers several different fields from your profile.  This means that if a field that the search function uses is empty, you wouldn’t show up in the search or not as high as people who filled out that field.

Social Media Tip- Brand your social media profile5. Brand your profile. Make sure your profile has your branding.  This can be achieved different ways:

a) Your profile should have the same colors as your website

b) Your profile should have the same logo as your website

c) Do both a and b.

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