The best Google+ profile, part 2

In the second part of your Google+ profile, we will look at your profile photo, your about page and your links.

Let’s take a look at your profile photo.  Like in all social networks make sure your picture is professional.  It will appear everywhere you are, comment and post in Google+.  If you like my Google+ frame, here are the instructions on how to do that:

The URL to go to get the frame is

Once you have a great picture, let’s take a look at your about page.  The first part of the about page is your introduction.  You can write as much or as little as you want to.  Keep in mind that people usually browse and will not take the time to read a whole lot.  You can format your text with bold, italics, underline and bullet points.  One of the really great features is that you can add links to your introduction.  Why is that so great?  As you are writing your introduction, you can link to your services page on your website, a blog post you have written that shows what you can do or anything else that you can link to that can showcase your ability.  Space it out nicely and you have a visually appealing Google+ profile.  Don’t forget to use your keywords.  Google+ searches through the about pages for their search bar.

After the introduction, just fill out the other parts as well: bragging rights, education, places you have lived, your contact information, what you are looking for and if you want your profile visible in search.  For the places you have lived, just use one row for each place.  Google+ will display a map with pointers where you have lived.

The last part of your Google+ profile are your links.  On the right sidebar of your profile you can add your other profiles on the web.  Add the ones that you want other people to visit and connect with you as well.

Your profile is now filled out.  Alone that you went through the work of filling it out will make you more visible since a lot of people don’t take the time for that.

I invite you to come to my profile and circle me as well.  After you have finished with your profile, send me a quick note so I can come and look at it and circle you too.

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