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If you have gone recently in your Facebook page, you have seen that Facebook will change the look of Facebook pages again. You can preview the new look and make changes and then publish it already.  Latest on March 30th, 2012, all Facebook pages will change to the new timeline look.

Here are the new changes:

Cover photo: your cover photo should represent what your page is about.  The image should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.  Your photo should be at least 399 pixels wide.  Facebook specifies that your cover photo may not contain:

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s About section
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”
  • Additionally, cover photos must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property. You may not encourage or incentivize people to upload your cover image to their personal timelines.

Your profile picture: your profile picture can’t be a banner anymore, but will be just a small picture that will represent your Facebook page in other parts of Facebook.  The picture should be at least 180 pixels wide.

Photos, likes and apps are now at the top of the page.  With the apps, you can see 4 apps on the page.  The photo app is first and can’t be changed.  The other 3 visible apps can be moved and ordered as you want to. You can show a maximum of 12 apps.

Control of your content:

  • Weekly pinned post: this means that the post that you pinned, will be anchored to the top of your page for 7 days.  Use this to highlight your most important content since it is the first thing people see when they visit your page
  • Starred post: a post that you star will become larger and take up the entire width of the page.
  • Milestones: emphasize important event in your business.  Milestones have a flag icon and will also use the entire width of the page.  Examples are a new product launch or an event that you are hosting or participating in.
  • Change post dates: you can now give a post a past date in order to populate your timeline.

Activity log: activity log helps you manage your page’s timeline. You can hide or unhide posts, star posts or change dates.

Admin panel: the new admin panel helps you keep up with all the activity on your page. You can see notifications, insights and messages all in one.

Privately message to pages: yes, you can now privately message to pages.

Personal experience: people have a more personal experience on your page since they will see how their friends are engaging with your page.

Facebook has a great video on how to change your Facebook page to the new timeline look:

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Facebook has finally ended all the rumors and has set a date to change the Facebook pages.  You have the option to change your page now, but by March 11, 2011 all pages will be changed to the new page.  I just go ahead and change it now and have the fun of being an explorer (smile).  That is at least my mindset.  Here is what I found so far:

1)     You can show off your latest photos that you posted to your wall or that you tagged your page in on a nice picture strip. The photos from your fans will not appear in here.  If you don’t like a picture, you can just roll over it and “X” it.  This will hide the picture from view.  I really like this feature: it is more colorful and gives me the opportunity to show off some of my affiliations and certifications in a very prominent place.  It really catches your eye, doesn’t it? 

2)      The “edit page” button is now on the right side.  I looked for it (smile).

3)      The navigation is not on tabs anymore, but on the left side, just like in the profile.  It should be intuitive, but people got so used to the navigation being on top, that this will be a change to get used to.

4)      Facebook gives now two wall filters: you can show posts by your page or the top posts by everyone.  That way, you can show the most interesting stories first.  Page admins have two more filters: most-recent and hidden posts.  You can set the default filter under edit page. 

5)      You can now use Facebook “as a page.”  This is a great feature to give your page more exposure.  Normally, you would visit and comment on other pages as you, but now you can do it “as your page.” This means, that the link, Facebook adds when you comment will not lead back to your profile, but to your page.  Can you see the possibilities? 

Additionally, you can get notifications for new posts and new comments via email with this feature.  That is a great addition. 

Here is more you can do:

-          See activities from pages you like in your news feed

-          Like other pages as your page

Just click on the “Use Facebook as ‘your page name’” button on the right side to use this feature.  If you want to switch back to just you, go to account and select your name.

6)      You can feature the pages that your page likes in the featured pages section on your left side.  You can edit this section through “edit page” > “Featured” > “Add featured pages” > “Add featured likes” > “Save”

7)      You can also feature admins of the page.  This works the same way then the pages you like, you just click on the “Add featured page owners” button instead of the “Add featured pages” button.

8)       The profile picture is now only 180 x 540 px, instead 200 x 600 px.  So, if you have a banner in that size as your profile picture, it might get cut.

9)      You can change the category of your page.  Just follow these steps:

10)   The info box that was under your picture is not there anymore.  Instead, the text is now displayed in your info tab. 

11)   There is now a “moderation blacklist” in which you can add keywords that you don’t want to have on your page.

12)   The FBML application will retire March 11, 2011.  For everybody who has the FBML app installed, it will continue to work.  For those who want to install it, you better do it now, because after March 11, 2011 it will not be available anymore.

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Have you seen them already, the new personal profiles from Facebook?  You for sure can get creative with them.  I had fun adding some pictures for everybody to see.  Just watch, that you are not too big in the picture – then you can’t see the pictures very well.  The difference to the old one is that you can tag yourself in pictures and those pictures appear at the top of your profile.  Additionally, there is some basic information about you right at the top.  All together it is meant as a conversation starter because you can see right away, what you might have in common. 

Another change is that you can feature a certain group of friends.  So, if you want to highlight your family, you can feature them to give the Facebook community a chance to learn more about you and them.

You can add a lot more detailed information, like which classes you took in college, which projects you work on at your job and other interests.  Everything is represented through images, which makes the profile a lot more colorful.  I just started playing with it and I will keep you posted on my findings.

Since Facebook is rolling the new profile out slowly, not everybody has the new version right now.  you can get the new Facebook profile right here:  Just sign in to your Facebook account on that page.  Then you will see at the right top corner a green button “get the new profile.”  Click it and there you go.  Now, you can add (or change) the information you want to display.

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New Facebook Profile Changes

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Facebook celebrates their 6 years anniversary.  Wow, 6 years already – time really flies.  They also celebrate that they reached 400 Million People (!).  So, If you are not on Facebook already, now you have 400 Million reasons why you should be.!/sitetour/homepage.php

Facebook celebrates the changes with a brand new navigation.  You will find the log out button now under the “account-tab” in the top right corner.  I was looking for it too.  Looking through the comments on the Facebook Blog, I have to say that most people do not welcome change and resist it.  I was pretty surprised myself when I logged in this morning and everything looked different.  But not all is bad.  I really like the top menu in which you can see the newest notifications, requests and messages right away.  You also have easy access to them.  The chat function sits now in the right bottom corner; it is also more accessible now.

Another good feature is that you can see the birthdays of your friends now on the right sidebar.  Why do I think this is good?  It is a real easy way to increase your online visibility to just go and congratulate your friends on their birthday (besides it is just a nice thing to do).  It will bring your name up in their news feed and in their friends’ news feed as well.  This simple and nice gesture brings your name in front of a lot of people. 

A problem is that Facebook moved the navigation bar from the bottom to the left side in the home tab.  It is only accessible in the home tab. 

Something funny happened too: now, the space for the picture and name in the home tab is smaller than before.  If you have a long last name like me, it will simply continue in the next line.  Mine looks now like this:

Wendy LugoSantiag


At first, I was not sure what happened (why did I have a “0″ there?), but then I noticed it is just the last part of my name.  Funny. 

What really has advertising potential is the photo and video section.  I have now all the photos and videos from my friends in this section.  This means, when I upload a video, all my friends will have it in their video tab too – what potential!

The bottom line is that we all have to get used to the new changes and make the best of them – until Facebook will change everything again.  That just keeps it interesting, don’t you think? 

What do you think about the new changes?

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