New Facebook Page Changes March 2012


If you have gone recently in your Facebook page, you have seen that Facebook will change the look of Facebook pages again. You can preview the new look and make changes and then publish it already.  Latest on March 30th, 2012, all Facebook pages will change to the new timeline look. Here are the new changes: Cover photo: your cover photo should ... [ Read More ]

The New Facebook Page Changes from March 11, 2011

Facebook Changes

Facebook has finally ended all the rumors and has set a date to change the Facebook pages.  You have the option to change your page now, but by March 11, 2011 all pages will be changed to the new page.  I just go ahead and change it now and have the fun of being an explorer (smile).  That is at least my mindset.  Here is what I found so ... [ Read More ]

The new Facebook profile: the changes and how to get it

Have you seen them already, the new personal profiles from Facebook?  You for sure can get creative with them.  I had fun adding some pictures for everybody to see.  Just watch, that you are not too big in the picture – then you can’t see the pictures very well.  The difference to the old one is that you can tag yourself in pictures and those ... [ Read More ]

New Facebook Profile Changes

Facebook celebrates their 6 years anniversary.  Wow, 6 years already - time really flies.  They also celebrate that they reached 400 Million People (!).  So, If you are not on Facebook already, now you have 400 Million reasons why you should be.!/sitetour/homepage.php Facebook ... [ Read More ]