Rearrange Your Pinterest Boards for More Engagement

Hot to rearrange your Pinterest board

When you are active in Pinterest, you will have very quickly several boards to pin on.  Pinterest adds every new board that was created at the end of your boards.   Since there are 5 boards in a row, the first 5 boards you wont have a problem with this.  After the first 5 boards, you will have to think about how to rearrange your Pinterest boards.

If you find things that interest you in no particular order, the boards that you create will also be a great mix of things.  This is a good thing in Pinterest, but you might want to rearrange your Pinterest boards.  I like to group like boards together, so people don’t have to scroll to the end to see what else might interest them.  Additionally, they might be tempted to check out the other board as well if they see it right next to the one that caught their interest already.


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