How to Create Your Own Infographic

Infographics are on my mind today.  They show important information in an easy to read and concise manner.  I like infographics and search for them and share them.

Infographics are also highly viral.  You can post them to your blog and share them in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and for sure Pinterest.  They are a great way to share information with the world.

Looking at the benefits, I really want to create my own.  So, I went on the hunt for tools to create infographics with.  I was surprised to find there are a lot of tools out there.  One tool really stood out and I had fun creating an infographic with it: Piktochart.  Here is a short video in which I introduce Piktochart and show you how to use it:




If you want to see the finished infographic, just click here!


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