Social Media Marketing Consultation

  • Are You unsure where and how to start with social media marketing?
  • Have you tried social media marketing, but it is not working for you?
  • Social media marketing got you confused?

YOUR situation in social media is unique. YOUR needs with social media marketing are unique. You really want answers to YOUR social media marketing questions.

Welcome to my social media marketing consultation!

There is no pre-made package.  What you need is individual attention to your social media marketing concerns and a solution that is customized just for you.  And this is exactly what you will get!

I will do an evaluation of your current web presence: website, blog, social networks.  After that we will have a one-on-one call where I will provide you with feedback and recommendations for your unique situation.

Your Consultation includes

  • Evaluation of your current web presence: website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Up to 1 hour phone consultation where you can ask your questions and you will get feedback and recommendations tailored to your specific needs
  • Follow up email with a summary of what we talked about (or a recording from the call – which ever you prefer) so you don’t need to take notes during the call

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