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You have seen it in Facebook and in blogs: people pick 3 words to focus on in the New Year. As I was listening today in church to the message, it hit me what my 3 words to focus on for 2014 are:

In a world so full of commitments, it is an absolute must to consider your own priorities and work from there. My number one priority was, is and will be my family. I put them first and make sure they are taken care of. As commitments pile one on top of the other, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of your number one priority because deadlines are looming and you are just buried in work. Ask yourself “what is more important in the long run?”

I am a live long learner. I learn every day. There is so much to learn! So, I have a plan what I want to learn in the New Year. One of my big goals is to learn how to self-publish a book. I already signed up for a challenge to make sure I stick with it and have the accountability. I got several books that I want to read about the topic as well. Naturally, I am looking into social media and connect with like-minded people in that industry. Additionally, I will be teaching several classes. You know you have learned something well once you can teach it to others. In 2014, I will teach computer coding for the first time to preteens. I am sure I will have a great learning and teaching experience.

Plans are all great. But they are just plans and nothing happens with them unless you do something. This is where the action comes in. Plan what you want to achieve and then act on it. Don’t overthink. Even in the Kindle Challenge, there is a lot of talk about getting it done. Sometimes you just have to do it to make it happen.

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Inventory 2013

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As the year comes to a close, it is time to take inventory for my personal and my business life. Have I achieved the goals I set for myself this year? How did I do with the challenges that the year brought me?
In my business life, I haven’t achieved all the goals I had set for myself. I wanted to publish my first book this year and that didn’t happen. I still have plenty of ideas for books I want to write and publish, but I haven’t written one yet. Also, I wanted to revisit my website and update it with a new theme. I didn’t achieve this goal either. Another goal was to have a certain amount of loyal clients. I can tell you, I achieved this goal 100%. Thanks to my clients that started and continued to work with me through this year! In my personal life, my biggest goal was to keep my family healthy and happy. I know I have achieved that goal.
As for the challenges, this year has brought several. I think the biggest challenge was to move twice within a year: once across town and once across the country. Twice we took our lives and started over again. Looking back, it has made us grow closer as a family. It has made me grow and forced me to step out of my comfort zone. Moving twice in one year made me put a lot of my business plans on hold.
Considering the challenges, I think I did pretty well this year. I have already taken steps to ensure that one of my business goals will be achieved in 2014. I signed up for Kirsten Eckstein’s Kindle in 30 Day Challenge. It is inspiring to work together through the challenges of publishing a book with so many different people. I am looking forward to start the challenge and publish my first book. Also, I have started to write again.
So, how about you? How does your inventory look for your personal and your business life? Have you taken steps to ensure some of the missed goals will be met in the new year?

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Yesterday, while I was cooking, I remembered that I didn’t look yet into the birthdays for May. Yes, I know – it is kind of late to do that at the end of May. You see, I got my new iPhone for Christmas and I couldn’t decide which calendar app to use. So, I simply added a couple of calendars and tried them out. I decided to stay with one calendar app and added all the birthdays in there. After one month of using it, I noticed some restrictions, that didn’t work well with how I was using the calendar. Since I love trying new things, I just simply started using another app. It turned out that I really liked the calendar that comes with the iPhone. It worked well for me. But I had all the birthdays in the other app. I really didn’t wanted to take the time to transfer all the birthdays, so I just decided that at the beginning of each month, I will check the other app and then transfer only the birthdays in that month. As you can see, that plan didn’t work so well with me. That’s how it happened, that I remembered to check the birthdays for May at the end of May.

When I checked the list, I noticed, that my mother in law’s birthday was that day. Oops! We didn’t call and we didn’t send a card and now it was already late (they live in another time zone than we do). I didn’t want to turn the computer back on to create an ecard, so I took out my iPhone. Surely, somebody had the same problem before me and there is an iPhone app for that! Yes, there was – more than one app. I chose “just wink” since the app was free and they had lots of great ratings. It worked like a charm! I could choose a card from different categories and then personalize it. I was able to add a photo, write a message and even hand sign (with the finger on the iPhone) the card.


Just wink gave me the choice to send the card via email post it to Facebook, to Twitter, to text message it or even to send it with real mail.  Since we were a bit late, we chose to send the card via email.  I checked and they would print out the card and send it via real mail for just $2.99.  There is really no more excuse not to send a card anymore.  If you want to go and check just wink out, here is the link:

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