Priority – Education – Action


You have seen it in Facebook and in blogs: people pick 3 words to focus on in the New Year. As I was listening today in church to the message, it hit me what my 3 words to focus on for 2014 are: Priority In a world so full of commitments, it is an absolute must to consider your own priorities and work from there. My number one priority was, is ... [ Read More ]

Inventory 2013

Inventory Check list

As the year comes to a close, it is time to take inventory for my personal and my business life. Have I achieved the goals I set for myself this year? How did I do with the challenges that the year brought me?   In my business life, I haven’t achieved all the goals I had set for myself. I wanted to publish my first book this year and that ... [ Read More ]

Great iPhone App to Send Cards

just wink

Yesterday, while I was cooking, I remembered that I didn’t look yet into the birthdays for May. Yes, I know – it is kind of late to do that at the end of May. You see, I got my new iPhone for Christmas and I couldn’t decide which calendar app to use. So, I simply added a couple of calendars and tried them out. I decided to stay with one calendar ... [ Read More ]

What’s New In Social Media This Week?

Every Friday, we list the most popular or helpful articles and links we have seen and shared during the week on our social networks. This week, articles include what Twitter really is looking at for metrics, the new Twitter notifications, a guide about SEO and much more...   1) Twitter’s Dream Metric Is Not Followers – It’s How Many ... [ Read More ]

Want More Clicks on Twitter?

Are you on Twitter?  Have you ever wondered how you could get more clicks?  I am sure those are just rhetorical questions.  The answer to how to get more clicks on Twitter was created by Dan Zarrella: Source: via Wendy on Pinterest ... [ Read More ]

3 Easy Tips On How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

website traffic

Online, one of the most significant keys to success is getting website traffic.  The more visitors you have, the better your sales and profits. I assume that you have a niche and you know your keywords.  Based on those assumptions here are 3 quick and easy tips to get website traffic fast!   Tip #1  Make sure you’re tagging your ... [ Read More ]

What is a Hashtag?

A lot of times when I talk about Twitter, I mention hashtags.  With Pinterest coming unto the scene, hashtags are important not only for Twitter.  Here is a great infographic from Social Caffeine that explains what a hashtag is and what you can use it for: Source: via # on Pinterest ... [ Read More ]

My Top Apps for iPad, Part 1: Flipboard

My top apps for iPad: Flipboard

3 months ago, I got an iPad.  I was really happy about it, but as soon as the first high was over came the big question: which apps are great to put on it?  I wanted apps that I can use for work, which would make it easier for me to work.  So, I started my research.  After a long and at times very interesting journey, I want to introduce to you ... [ Read More ]

Why are you Dissatisfied with Social Networks?

Facebook Satisfaction

This morning I read an article in the Huffington Post that intrigued me.  I decided to write today’s blog post on my opinion what causes the dissatisfaction with social networks.  If you want to read the original article, click here. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Facebook scored really low: 61 out of 100.  Interestingly, ... [ Read More ]