What kind of information product can you create?

I recently created several information products for a client.  It started out with one.  When I looked at the finished product, I saw that I could easily make at least 2 more products out of the one I just finished.  That made me think:  what different kinds of information products are there? 1) Written information products. Everybody knows ... [ Read More ]

Business success: Focus on what you do best and you will succeed

I was just listening to a recording from VAClassroom (I relisten to them often).  Craig Cannings mentioned at the beginning of the session a book he just finished reading: "The next Generation Leader" by Andy Stanley.  What made me think is the comment Craig made.  He said, that a lot of business owners think that they need to be well-rounded - ... [ Read More ]

How to share your personal data on Xing

Lately, I have worked a lot with Xing.  So far, I think it is a great social network.  Since it is more of a business network than just to socialize, it is difficult to have other members see your personal data (I am talking here about email address, telephone number and the likes - nothing else).  I know, a lot of people do not want their personal ... [ Read More ]

New Facebook Statistics


Facebook has crossed the 500 Million user mark.  Isn't that amazing?  Just imagine, you can reach 500 Million people through Facebook!  It does not matter your target market, you will find them in Facebook.  Mashable (http://mashable.com/2010/07/22/facebook-500-million-infographic/) has a great infographic from Facebakers.com: (Just click on the ... [ Read More ]

The Top 7 Reasons Why Restaurant Owners Should Use Social Media Marketing

1) Marketing without high costs. How much would it cost you to reach over 1.000 targeted clients? Just look at the numbers: Facebook has over 400 Million users, Twitter has over 50 Million users. You can reach more targeted clients which means you will get more customers. 2) Direct communication with your customers. Have a dialog instead of a ... [ Read More ]

New Facebook Profile Changes

Facebook celebrates their 6 years anniversary.  Wow, 6 years already - time really flies.  They also celebrate that they reached 400 Million People (!).  So, If you are not on Facebook already, now you have 400 Million reasons why you should be.   http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=box_3&id=1627710269#!/sitetour/homepage.php Facebook ... [ Read More ]

The 10 Top Web Directories – free!

The directories are all general directories.  The guidelines by which I chose the directories were: -          Popularity of directory -          SEO statistics -          Quality -          No cost for site submission Here are the Top Web Directories: 1)      www.dmoz.org: Open Directory Project is the largest human-edited ... [ Read More ]

How to spread virtual Holiday Cheer

In the Holiday season, you may want to spread some Holiday Cheer also to your virtual business partners and clients. But how do you go about that? 1. Fan the Fan Page of your favorite client or business partner 2. Give some FollowFriday love on Twitter 3. Recommend somebody in LinkedIn I am very sure every virtual business will be happy to ... [ Read More ]

7 reasons why you need a Facebook Fan Page

1. Build brand visibility 2. Great SEO, because quickly indexed by search engines 3. Increase website traffic 4. Great list building opportunity 5. Increase influence with target audience 6. Naturally promote products/services 7. Possibility to set-up multiple pages ... [ Read More ]