The 3 Key Elements to Make Your LinkedIn Headline Stand Out

Stand Out on LinkedIn

You are happy that you finally have condensed the vision and mission of your business into your 30-seconds elevator speech.  Going to the next piece of the puzzle, you decide to work on your LinkedIn profile.  At the very beginning of your LinkedIn profile, you see your professional LinkedIn headline. Now, LinkedIn is asking you to condense your ... [ Read More ]

10 Types of Content to Consider for Your Business

10 (1)

  What type of content can I create?  I get this question a lot from my clients.  It depends on who is your target audience, what is your industry and what do you want to share.  Overall, here is a list of different content types that work with a wide variety of audiences: 1. Graphics With Quotes - These are images that invoke certain ... [ Read More ]

5 Tips For Your Best Social Media Profile!

5 tips to make the best out of your social media profile1

One very important factor in social media is your social media profile.  With your profile you will attract attention and it gives people their first impression about you.  Does yours look professional?  Does it use keywords, so your target audience would find you? Here are 5 tips to make the best out of your social media profile: 1. Optimize ... [ Read More ]

How to Set Achievable Goals For Your Social Media Campaign

How to set the right goals for your social media campaign

In order to achieve anything in life, you need to have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to achieve.  This is the case in every aspect of your life – and with social media.  Beyond picturing the end result in your mind, you need to write your goal down, so it is more tangible.  In social media, goals are very important as well.  Once ... [ Read More ]

Twitter Lists: How to Find Relevant Lists to Follow

How to find a twitter list

Twitter has over 300 million users.  It is such a big social network and the tweets race by so quickly.  It is hard to find people to connect with in Twitter if you are short on time.  Yes, you can look for people that would be interesting to you with hashtags.  You type in your hashtag and you start reading tweets.  If you like one that sounds ... [ Read More ]

Twitter Lists: How to Create One and Why You Should

How to start a twitter list

How can you cut through the jungle of tweets in Twitter to find tweets that you are interested in?  Twitter lists are the answer!  With Twitter lists, you can categorize your followers and people you are interested in - even if they don't follow you. It is easier to keep in touch with people you are interested in through Twitter lists.  Instead of ... [ Read More ]

7 Free Options For A Blogging Calendar

Blogging Calendar

Blogging has been on my mind lately.  When is a good time to blog?  What do I want to blog?  How do I find the time to blog?  That last one is a big one for me.  In order to be more organized, I decided to do a blogging calendar. How do I find the time to blog? The solution: a blogging calendar to keep me organized! [tweetthis]How do I find the ... [ Read More ]

How Can You Sustain Your Social Networks in the Midst of Chaos?

Sustain social networks

When you run your own business, you never really take vacation.  The business is in your mind all the time.  Personally, that is fine with me since I really enjoy what I am doing.  There are times though, when I have to shift my focus and let me business go on “autopilot.”  Recently, we moved from Maryland to Texas.  This was one of those times ... [ Read More ]

How to be Consistent with your Social Media Posting

How to be Consistent with your Social

One of the most important principles in social media marketing is consistency.  You have to post consistently good content to be successful.  Yes, the content has to be good as well, but today I want to focus on consistency.  I find that clients who are starting out with social media struggle with being consistent.  In order to overcome the ... [ Read More ]