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Save time, money and worries and let me help you be more successful with Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing is a lot to handle. You already have a full schedule: you have content for your newsletter to write, blog posts to write, new products to create, new seminars to prepare and clients to take care of. Now on top of that, you have to find the time to post content to your social networks. You do post, but not regularly and seldom with a plan. Consequently, your social media marketing efforts are more in bursts of activity than in a regular rhythm. You feel there should be more, but you just don’t have the time.

Since it is not an option to add hours to our day, let me take a big part of social media marketing of your plate. So you can have the time again for the things that matter most to your business.

  • I will first bring order to the chaos and create a social media marketing strategy to achieve your top goals. Only when you have your goals clearly in mind (and on paper) will you be able to take the necessary steps to achieve them.
  • The second step will be to look at your social networks and see where they could be better connected and optimized. You don’t have to do unnecessary work anymore: with optimized and connected networks, social media marketing is already easier.
  • In the third step, I will create a customized social media marketing schedule for you with your content and your goals in mind. You will get 2 schedules: one for your automated informational and marketing posts and one for you to connect with your tribe. Do you feel how you can breathe easier again? No more pressure and the guilty feeling of “I should have posted more today.”
  • The last step involves measuring your return on investment. Did you achieve you goal this month? Only when you compare the numbers each month with your goal will you be able to see if the strategy worked or if we need to tweak it a bit to achieve even greater success.

There it is: a complete system on how to use social media marketing to achieve your goals and additionally to have more time for you to do what you love most about your business.

If you are interested in feeling relieved and at peace and being successful with social media marketing at the same time, I invite you to contact me for an initial free consultation.

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